About Us

Portola Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in South San Francisco, Calif. We completed an initial public offering in May 2013 and are traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol PTLA. We have nearly 60 employees.

At Portola, our goal is to build an enduring biopharmaceutical company with compounds from our own research efforts that advance the care of patients in the areas of thrombosis (blood clots), other hematologic disorders and inflammation. Our current development-stage portfolio includes wholly-owned and partnered products.

Our two lead programs address significant unmet medical needs in the area of thrombosis:

  • Betrixaban – a novel, oral, once-daily inhibitor of Factor Xa in Phase 3 development. Learn more.
  • Andexanet alfa (PRT4445*) – a recombinant Factor Xa inhibitor antidote designed to reverse the anticoagulant activity in patients treated with a Factor Xa inhibitor who suffer an uncontrolled bleeding episode or undergo emergency surgery. Learn more.

Our two other product candidates are orally available kinase inhibitors with unique pharmacologic properties targeting hematologic (blood) cancers and inflammatory disorders: 

  • PRT2070 – which inhibits both spleen tyrosine kinase (Syk) and janus kinases (JAK), enzymes that regulate important signaling pathways. Learn more.
  • PRT2607 – which selectively inhibits Syk. We are collaborating with Biogen Idec, which is leading the development of this novel oral Syk-specific kinase inhibitor for allergic asthma. Learn more.

*PRT4445 has a proposed International Nonproprietary Name (pINN) of andexanet alfa.